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Body Painting LA on The Kris Jenner Show

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BodyPaintingLA Painted Serving Girls at Corporate Event

Corporate Events

Body Painting LA has attended a wide variety of corporate events. Body paint drives a buzz of spectators and interest on the showroom floor at trade shows and conventions. Company parties are enhanced with creative and classy body painting that supports fun and team building.

BodyPaintingLA Painted T-shirt Advertising Campaign


Post your logo on a living billboard. Body painting is a unique method of advertising that gets your brand and logo instant attention. Excellent for launch parties or red carpet events.

BodyPaintingLA party entertainment at crazy Los Angeles private parties

Private Parties

Hire a body painter to add a touch of wild-n-crazy entertainment or elegant expression and artistry to the party. Awesome for Black-Light Parties, Halloween celebrations, or pretty much any themed event or party!

BodyPaintingLA for private sessions and photoshoots

Private Sessions

We have body painters that are available for private sessions. Our body and face painting services are used by photographers to create stunning portfolio pieces, editorial shots and customized projects. And also by people looking for a fun or unique way to add glam for an evening out.

Body painted costume and custom cosplay body paint

Costume Design & Cosplay

When making an impression matters, hire the best. Body Painting LA creates unique, one-of-a-kind costumes masterpieces for Halloween, Cosplay, or Conventions that will be the talk of the event.

Natalia Velez body paint celebrity and high-profile clients

Celebrity Clients

Body Painting Los Angeles is well accustomed to celebrity and high-profile clients. From clubs to mansions, red carpet to backstage - Body Painting LA has provided professional service to many known names in Hollywood. We respect and adhere to confidentiality requirements.