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If you want to stand out in Los Angles, you have to think outside the box. Body Painting LA creates custom body paint costumes that are guaranteed to get attention. Whether you need a jaw-dropping look for the Halloween Party or a horde of zombies for your horror flick, Body Painting LA has the makeup artists you need. But reserve them quickly...before it's too late.

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With over 30 years of experience catering to high profile clients, Body Painting LA is the go-to for Hollywood. Our artwork is featured in commercials, music videos, advertising campaigns, event entertainment, and live demonstrations.

When you hire Body Painting LA, you're hiring the best.

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Body Painting in LA

Exciting, interactive, and artistic, body painting takes many forms: from private sessions with celebrity clientele to live demonstrations as an effective guerrilla marketing stunt. We are often on-set providing professional body painting to actors, singers, and entertainers featured in film, tv, commercial, and event entertainment.